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Its our goal to make the Vegan Body the ultimate resource of information on the vegan diet and lifestyle. We want to help people learn about the vegan diet, vegan health and nutrition, vegan bodybuilding, etc, and to help people accomplish their vegan and plant-based fitness and lifestyle goals. We are actively building a body of knowledge.

The Vegan Body has the resources to help you accomplish your goals.

The vegan body will be a helpful resource if you want to:

  • Learn about veganism and the vegan diet
  • Transition to a vegan lifestyle
  • Incorporate parts of the vegan diet into your or your family’s life
  • Accomplish your fitness and health goals as a vegan (or not)

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Resources: Start Here

vegan diet resources

Vegan Shopping Guide

vegan shopping grocery guide

One of the hardest things about going vegan is knowing what to buy at the food store. Don’t get overwhelmed. Check out our ultimate vegan shopping guide here.

Vegan Protein Sources

Don’t believe the myths. Getting more than enough protein on the vegan diet is easy. Check out all your options here..

Easy Vegan Recipes

vegan recipe resource

You don’t have to eat raw vegetables on the vegan diet. Get simple, easy to make recipes with simple ingredients. Going vegan can be both delicious and easy. Check out our recipes.

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